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From lawn care to roofing repairs and everything in between, we can help.


Illuminate your home with Shaw Family Home Repair Services' expert electrical solutions. Specializing in the heart of Anderson and Cottonwood, CA, we offer a comprehensive range of electrical services designed to ensure your home’s safety, functionality, and comfort. From the essentials of switch and receptacle repairs to the intricacies of light fixture installations and ceiling fans, our skilled team is equipped to handle all your handyman electrical needs with precision and care. Emphasizing safety, efficiency, and the highest standards of quality, we are committed to providing reliable electrical solutions that light up your life. If you require professional electrical services reach out out to us today.


Painting- Wall Repair

Elevate the aesthetics of your space with Shaw Family Home Repair Services' professional painting services, available in Anderson and Cottonwood, CA. Our expertise extends beyond mere painting; we are masters in wall repairs, and proficient in both drywall and plaster services, ensuring a pristine base for every paint job. Whether it’s refreshing the interior of your home with a vibrant new color or protecting and beautifying the exterior, our team delivers exceptional quality and attention to detail. From repairing minor cracks and holes to complete drywall installations and plaster restorations, we prepare your walls for a flawless finish. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction means we use only the best materials and techniques to transform your property. Discover the impact of professional handyman painting and wall repair services on your home’s appeal and durability.


Heating & Air Conditioning

Experience year-round comfort with Shaw Family Home Repair Services' HVAC solutions, proudly serving Anderson and Cottonwood, CA. Our expertise spans a variety of systems including forced air units, rooftop and package units, wall heaters, as well as evaporative coolers, swamp coolers, ensuring tailored solutions for every home and business. Whether you're looking to install a new system, require maintenance on your current setup, or need repairs to keep your environment perfectly climate-controlled, our skilled team has the experience and tools to deliver top-notch service. Focused on efficiency, reliability, and the highest quality of work, we ensure your heating and cooling systems are operating at their best, providing comfort and peace of mind all year long. Let us help you maintain an ideal temperature in your space, no matter the season.


Pressure Washing

Revitalize the exterior of your home or business with Shaw Family Home Repair Services' premium pressure washing services, now serving Anderson and Cottonwood, CA. Our professional pressure washing is the solution to removing years of dirt, grime, and weather-related wear from your property, instantly enhancing curb appeal and preserving the longevity of your surfaces. Specializing in a wide range of exterior cleaning, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, siding, and more, we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver a deep clean without damaging your property. Our team is committed to providing a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly service, ensuring your outdoor spaces look their best. Elevate the appearance of your property with our expert pressure washing services and enjoy a cleaner, brighter outdoor space.



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Anderson cottonwood handyman

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Lawn care 

Keep your garden green and serene with Shaw Family Home Repair Services' comprehensive lawn care services, now available in Anderson and Cottonwood, CA. Our family-run team offers personalized lawn maintenance solutions designed to ensure your outdoor space is not only beautiful but also healthy and thriving. From routine mowing and edging to fertilization and weed control, we cover all aspects of lawn care to create the perfect outdoor setting for your home or business. Our young and energetic team, led by Ale Shaw, is dedicated to providing eco-friendly and efficient lawn care, using the latest techniques and equipment to care for your garden with precision and care. Whether you're looking to refresh your existing lawn or establish a new green space, our lawn care services are tailored to meet your specific needs and environmental conditions, ensuring lush, vibrant lawns all year round.

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